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Gigas Expands Cloud Presence in Latin America with SolidFire’s All-Flash Scale-Out Storage Platform
Posted: Tue Jul 07, 2015 02:17:24 PM


SolidFire enables Gigas to build next generation data centers and provide customers with predictable storage performance for mission-critical applications

BOULDER, Colo., July 07, 2015

SolidFire, the leader in all-flash storage systems built for the Next Generation Data Center, today announced that Gigas, a leading cloud hosting provider in Spain and Latin America, has deployed SolidFire’s all-flash scale-out platform in its data centers in Madrid and Miami to provide flexible, scalable and easy-to-use cloud services to customers in Latin America and Spain. The combination of SolidFire’s guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS), scale-out architecture and its ability to automate complex storage management tasks enables Gigas to provide companies in Chile, Colombia, Panama, Peru and Spain a competitive edge and capitalize on the efficiencies of cloud.

Madrid-based Gigas, Spain’s leading cloud hosting provider with 3,700 customers and offices in five countries, offers one of the world’s most flexible, easy-to-use and scalable cloud hosting platforms in markets throughout Latin America and beyond. Named a ‘Significant Europe-based Provider’ for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service for the last three consecutive years, Gigas’ solutions provide its customers flexibility and full control over their infrastructure. With SolidFire and the Fueled By SolidFire program, Gigas transformed its infrastructure into a true Next Generation Data Center that can meet the evolving needs of its customers in Latin America, a region that is growing at a rate of over 30 percent annually, with an anticipated 35 percent year-on-year growth through 2016.

SolidFire’s fine-grain Quality of Service (QoS) enables Gigas to deliver exact levels of performance to thousands of mission-critical applications from its multi-tenant infrastructure. The SolidFire storage system’s true scale-out model means Gigas can non-disruptively expand its infrastructure with instant resource availability and seamless generational upgrades - delivering consistent linear scalability of both capacity and performance as the system grows. SolidFire’s REST-based API enables Gigas to integrate with its core system and allows complete automation of every aspect of storage provisioning, management, monitoring and reporting.

“SolidFire has enabled the long-term growth of Gigas by providing a more cost-effective delivery of our existing cloud solutions, along with the ability to design and deliver a new set of shared services from our cloud data centers,” said Diego Cabezudo, CEO and co-founder of Gigas. “To help companies in Spain and Latin America truly capitalize on the performance, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the cloud, we knew an all-flash system was a must. But it was the unique ability to guarantee QoS, a scale-out architecture and SolidFire’s API that allowed us to differentiate our cloud services and give our customers the flexibility and control they demand.”

“The rapidly growing cloud market in Latin America is a huge opportunity for Gigas. SolidFire has enabled the long-term growth of Gigas by providing an innovative all-flash storage architecture that reduces time, money and effort compared to old-school storage. Our Fueled by SolidFire program helps them price their solutions more competitively and allows them to meet the needs of any company, from SMBs to large enterprises,” said SolidFire’s VP of International, Tim Pitcher. “Gigas’ customers can move business-critical applications to the cloud, while accelerating the value cloud infrastructure offers in a more agile and cost-effective way than ever before. This is a critical advantage in the burgeoning, competitive market in Latin America.”

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