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SolidFire’s Scale-Out All-Flash Storage Arrays Enable 1&1 to Deliver a First-Class Cloud Experience
Posted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 03:16:36 PM


Leading global web hosting provider creates new generation of cloud services that offer low latency and maximum performance to customers in Europe and the U.S.

BOULDER, Colo., July 28, 2015

HostingCon Booth #325 - SolidFire, the leader in all-flash storage systems built for the Next Generation Data Center, today at HostingCon announced that 1&1, a leading web hosting provider, selected SolidFire’s all-flash scale-out storage platform to provide a flexible, efficient, high-performance infrastructure for its new generation of cloud servers. SolidFire’s ability to deliver true Quality of Service (QoS) with guaranteed performance, consolidate multiple workloads, and scale out non-disruptively enables 1&1 to greatly simplify the cloud deployment experience for its end users, while simultaneously reducing internal complexity.

With SolidFire, 1&1 was able to build an entirely new line of business that delivers simplicity and speed of deployment at an attractive price point with best-in-class performance, resource availability and customization capabilities that appeal to small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). To prove 1&1 and SolidFire could deliver enterprise-class performance (IOPS) at an SMB price point, a series of unbiased competitive performance tests were conducted by independent IaaS pricing and performance analysis firm Cloud Spectator. Initial results show:

  • A sustained 3-4x increase in storage performance and value over other web hosting companies with similar figures in CPU and RAM.
  • 1&1 offers the most attractive price amongst all evaluated providers with up to 32 percent of cost savings compared to the competitors.
  • 1&1 customers can choose from over 2 million potential server configurations, all of which can be purchased, provisioned and deployed in under 55 seconds.

“Our aim is to make the cloud easy - that’s our promise to our customers. We take the complexity of building and deploying a cloud away from our customers and focus on giving them a first-class cloud experience – low latency, maximum performance and a simple pricing structure,” said 1&1’s CEO Robert Hoffmann. “SolidFire enables 1&1 to easily create high-performance cloud deployments and scale them up or down based on our customers’ business needs while providing each customer with the exact resources they require without impacting the performance of other customers.”

By using SolidFire’s storage platform, 1&1 drastically simplified and improved the storage and infrastructure management process for its support teams. 1&1 selected SolidFire because it was the only storage technology that enabled them to simply control exact performance levels to each and every customer with zero disruption or impact to other customers. In addition, SolidFire’s in-line deduplication and compression technology delivered 1&1 significant cost benefits compared to other storage solutions.

“SolidFire was the only storage platform that could meet 1&1’s requirements for delivering customers a simple way to order, provision, deploy and manage application performance with the agility to change resources and instantly react to changes in their businesses, all packaged at an attractive price point,” explained SolidFire’s International Technical Director, Martin Cooper. “At the same time, we’ve helped 1&1 drastically reduce storage management complexity internally, enabling 1&1’s technical team to leverage SolidFire’s robust API to easily manage and automate 1&1’s entire storage infrastructure.”

1&1 is Fueled by SolidFire, a program that enables service providers to offer a better hosting experience to customers by delivering more performance and more predictability from their hosting infrastructure. Storage infrastructure Fueled by SolidFire is the only way to deliver the predictable performance that both enterprises and SMBs demand. Learn more about the Fueled by SolidFire program.

Read the preliminary results of the commissioned 1&1/SolidFire cloud vendor evaluation. For more information about 1&1’s Cloud Server, read the press release and watch 1&1’s Cloud videos. Learn more about how customers deployed SolidFire’s all-flash scale-out storage platform to deliver true Quality of Service (QoS) with guaranteed performance, consolidate multiple workloads, and scale-out non-disruptively. Read about SolidFire’s SF Series storage platforms, which start at 35TB of effective capacity and deliver guaranteed performance to every workload. Schedule a SolidFire demo today.

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