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NetApp SolidFire Security Solutions
The All-Flash Array Built for the Next Generation Data Center

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NetApp® SolidFire® all-flash storage allows you to be your own cloud service provider with simplified, API-driven storage at scale. Consolidate workloads with guaranteed performance, manage storage and compute independently, and make your next-generation data center a reality.

Your cloud storage at scale solution

The NetApp SolidFire all-flash storage system delivers the solutions you need for your rapidly transforming environments.

The storage foundation for your cloud infrastructure

The NetApp® SolidFire® all-flash storage system helps you to get closer to the speed and simplicity of business in the cloud while exceeding the demands of keeping your data on your premises.

As the foundation of your private cloud infrastructure, SolidFire enables independent scaling, consistent performance, and automation integrations, helping give your infrastructure the flexibility and consistency to be your own cloud service provider.

Powered by NetApp Element® software, SolidFire consistently delivers performance to hundreds of applications, even through boot storms and unplanned events.

A Different Approach


Reduce OPEX by 67% by consolidating workloads on a scale-out system with built-in multi-tenancy eliminating noisy neighbor problems. SolidFire all-flash storage systems bring an elevated level of agility to your cloud infrastructure, and ultimately, to your day-to-day business with the flexibility to deploy on industry-standard servers or tuned, turnkey SolidFire appliances.


Offer on-demand services to deliver the public cloud experience on-premises with the Element software API. Improve storage delivery by 25-50% with REST-based APIs and cloud-like automation.


Term-capacity licensing unbundles storage software from the hardware, letting you purchase and grow your cloud infrastructure to align with your ever-changing data-center needs-wherever and whenever, on hardware of your choice. Enterprise-wide license eliminates stranded capacity and enables geographic flexibility.

Primary Use Cases

Simplify and Automate

Discover storage built to satisfy the demands of your production-ready cloud environments-enabling self-service IT and accelerating the speed of business.

Build Service Provider Infrastructure

Differentiate your hosted and managed services to increase service and platform revenue while ensuring higher customer satisfaction.

Accelerate DevOps

DevOps is evolving into a mainstream approach for managing a modern, programmable infrastructure. Start your transformation by automating every aspect of storage.

Element software powers SolidFire to deliver a
flexible, predictable, and automated storage system.


Grow with your business demands by seamlessly and granularly adding capacity and performance for each new business requirement.

  • Deploy 10s of TBs to multiple PBs.
  • Scale without disruptions or downtime.
  • Mix nodes in the same cluster.


Optimize your infrastructure. Deliver predictable performance to hundreds of applications on a single platform-every time.

  • Use fine-grain Quality-of-Service settings to guarantee performance to every volume.
  • Manage performance in real time without impacting other volumes.
  • Simplify performance management at scale through QoS policies.


Set your infrastructure to automatic and respond to business demands rapidly with on-the-fly adjustments. Maximize your TCO.

  • Provision instantly and balance loads automatically, regardless of system condition or application activity.
  • Utilize comprehensive REST-based APIs.
  • Use always-on deduplication and compression to minimize footprint.


Consolidate with confidence- your most critical information is protected.

  • Replicate your data across the Data Fabric with SnapMirror support.
  • Leverage integrated backup and recovery with real-time replication (asynchronous and synchronous).
  • Self-healing Helix RAID-less data protection.


Secure your storage with built-in security features in both the Element software and at the drive level.

  • Encryption at Rest
  • External Key Management (KMIP)
  • Ensure industry-wide security standards compliance FIPS 140-2 certification

SolidFire cloud storage

Accelerate next-generation data-center deployments with a flexible software-defined storage, scale out solution.

Innovative licensing

Get the cost and flexibility benefits of software-only storage with one license, with SolidFire appliances or industry standard hardware.

Hyperconverged infrastructure

Consolidate workloads with guaranteed performance and the ability to manage storage and compute independently.


H610S-1 H610S-2F H610S-2 H610S-4
1U Storage Node[1] NetApp Element software is also available as software-only, SolidFire Enterprise SDS, on pre-validated hardware configurations.[2]
Drives (12) 960GB 2.5" SSD (12) 1.92TB 2.5" SSD (12) 1.92TB 2.5" SSD (12) 3.84TB 2.5" SSD
System Memory/Read Cache 256GB 512GB 512GB 704GB
Raw Capacity 11.52 TB 23.04 TB 23.04 TB 46.08 TB
Effective Capacity[3] 19.64TB 39.28TB 39.28TB 78.57TB
Performance per Node 100,000 IOPS
Networking Data - (2) 10/25GbE iSCSI SFP28
Mgt - (2) 1GbE RJ45
Typical Average Watts, depends on I/O load 353.1W 393.1W 393.1W 423.1W
Weight 18.37kg (40.5lb)
FIPS 140-2 Certified Node
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1. Each H610S storage node includes Element software and is available as an encrypted or non-encrypted appliance.
2. SolidFire Enterprise SDS is currently supported on HPE DL360 Gen 10.
3. SolidFire's effective capacity calculation accounts for Helix data protection, system overhead and global efficiencies including compression, deduplication and thin provisioning. SolidFire customers typically achieve an effective capacity range of 5x to 10x the usable capacity depending on application workloads.