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Automate Storage Management with Element Software
Eliminate error-prone manual tasks and thousands of scripts with full-featured APIs

The days of being held back by limited legacy storage allocation practices or hindered by impossible-to-maintain management workflows are over. With a full-featured API, NetApp® SolidFire® puts our entire all-flash, scale-out storage system at your fingertips for complete, robust integrations. The right storage infrastructure can help you think "up the stack" when optimizing your applications and workloads. The right storage APIs enable you to automate "down the stack." With NetApp SolidFire, APIs are simply the beginning. Now, all complex management tasks can be abstracted from users, making storage an easily programmable resource and thereby increasing your capabilities and driving your business.

Key Benefits

  • Minimize development time and overhead with SDK integrations that plug-in and manage seamlessly
  • Eliminate thousands of error-prone scripting and code lines with APIs
  • Accomplish more faster with SDK's full storage functionality automation

You Can Consume Standard Tools

The deep integration of SolidFire with industry-leading virtualization and cloud platforms helps minimize your development time and overhead, enabling more complete and agile solutions. Standard tools and integrations coupled with ecosystem plug-ins make direct management seamless. And leveraging the SolidFire full-featured software development kits (SDKs) simplifies future integrations.

VMWARE DOCKER OpenStack CloudStack
Windows Linux | Docker | MacOS Device Agent Native QoSSIOC


SolidFire Element® SDKs and tools facilitate full automation and simplify integration of SolidFire features into existing tools, helping you accomplish more, faster.

Quality of Service
Tenant VLANs Group Snapshots
Clone Replication

SDKs Make API Consumption Easy

SolidFire Element® SDKs and tools facilitate full automation and simplify integration of SolidFire features into existing tools, helping you accomplish more, faster.

Python Java C++

Creating a Volume for CloudStack

SolidFire SDKs help you to eliminate hundreds of lines of code That's hours of work and headaches saved through SolidFire integrations such as CloudStack. The SDKs' easy-to-use interfaces enable you to access and automate all aspects of your SolidFire cluster quickly and efficiently, using the tools you already know.

SolidFire APIs allow complete integration. 1&1, a leading internet service provider, integrates its management and orchestration environments with the robust SolidFire API. SolidFire aligns with 1&1's mission by simplifying the use of technology and making the cloud dependable, flexible, and accessible to small businesses, enterprises, and resellers alike. 1&1 can now offer its customers 2 million server configurations in 55 seconds (compared to 1,000 over 10 minutes prior to a SolidFire implementation). And SolidFire quality of service, enabled through the API, allows 1&1 to offer tiers of performance with no worries about the effects of noisy neighbors.

SolidFire has long been integrated with virtualization platforms and orchestration tools to enable agile solutions. Ultimate Software chose SolidFire for its ability to integrate with two different tools: VMware and OpenStack. Integration with VMware vSphere client was a must for existing infrastructures, and OpenStack integrations were necessary for building Ultimate Software's future roadmap. The ability to integrate with PowerShell across Ultimate Software's ecosystem today and meet the needs of its next-generation data center make SolidFire a perfect fit.


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